About us

Guguu is the creation of a new mum who found herself desperately seeking the perfect resting place for her newborn.  The sofa was too big, too soft and too dangerous for a little one to simply roll off.  The cot was too big and awkward to be brought downstairs for those afternoon naps.  So instead, I started to search for other products that would do the job and came across a play mat.  Secure, comfortable and easy to move around it was ideal.

As the baby grows…

At around two months old, my baby was starting to get curious about the room and wanting to see more of the world that what he could from lying on a play mat.  So once more, I began searching for the perfect product that would be something like a play mat but could let my little boy sit up a little. 

Research led me to the idea of baby bean bags, supporting the baby but still remaining soft.  It also helped to deal with conditions such as flat head and reflux.  But they were so expensive and so hard to find in Australia!  I was working on a budget while on maternity leave and the cost was terrifying on top of the cost of all the other baby essentials.

Finding the right products on a budget

An idea was forming in my mind – how could I get the products I wanted at the right price to suit my budget?  The idea formed into the desire to create an online shop that could offer this same solution to other mums.  The best products at the best prices to suit all baby needs. 

It took five months of research until I finally created my first baby bean bag and Guguu was officially born.  Soon I had a list of customers wanting the product and great feedback from those who had bought it.  Now, Guguu continues to grow with new products arriving all the time, at the best possible prices to help out those budget conscious mums and dads across Australia and to make their lives a bit easier.